SIG Meetings

Correspondence SIG

The Correspondence SIG will hold a meeting that will probably be scheduled for Wednesday, October 22. The convener of the Correspondence SIG is Peter Stadler. Meet in the Murray Boardroom.

Library SIG

The Library SIG will hold a dinner meeting on Thursday evening (October 23). The conveners of the Library SIG are Stefanie Gehrke and Kevin Hawkins.

Linguistics and Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) SIG

The Linguistics and CMC SIG will hold a joint meeting, currently scheduled for Thursday, October 23, 9-10:30 am.  The conveners of the Linguistics and CMC SIG are Piotr Banski, Michael Beisswenger, and Andreas Witt. Meet in the Murray Board Room.

The Manuscript SIG

The Manuscript SIG is planning to hold two meetings, one on general matters and a meeting focused on apparatus. The convener is Dot Porter. Times will be announced later. Meet in the Haven Room.

The Text and Graphics SIG

The Text and Graphics SIG will meet. Its convener is John Walsh. The time of the meeting will be announced later.